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Additional metadata and fixes

AUTHOR: Dimensions product team

Clinical trials: Primary completion date

  • Primary completion date has been added to clinical trial details pages and export. This date is important in clinical trials data since it tells you when the primary results of the trial have completed. This is usually when the results of the trial are published and then, in most trials, they continue to follow the patients for additional months/years after the primary end date to collect additional data.

Editor data added to publication export

  • Added a new column to the publication export with the names of the editors of a publications, usually available for anthologies.

Email verification

  • Occasionally, users who access the product using pre-allowed email domains will be prompted to verify their email address.


  • Fixed an issue in dashboard apps where deselecting filters does not lead to a dashboard refresh

  • Fixed an issue where "Not supported" page was shown to user of latest Firefox ESR browser version

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