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Analytics API Version 1 - End of Service Reminder

AUTHOR: Dimensions product team

We would like to remind you that the Dimensions Analytics API Version 1 will be retired in March 2022. We recommend upgrading to Version 2 as quickly as possible to benefit from the new features and avoid last-minute issues in changeover.


  • Oct 2021: API V2 released. V1 entered maintenance mode.

  • Dec 2021: Dimcli, Gsheets plugin & APILab will use API V2 by default 

  • Jan 2022: The main /api/dsl API endpoint will default to V2  

  • Mar 2022: API V1 is retired  

As previously announced, the Version 2 release may be backwards incompatible for some users, i.e. those who still rely on deprecated old fields. Therefore, please review your API integrations in order to ensure continuity of service. 


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