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Analytics API, Version 2.10.0

AUTHOR: Dimensions product team

New fields

We have added the research_org_types field for both the publications and grants data sources, which can be used for filtering or faceting.

search publications where research_org_types = "Education" return publications[research_org_types]
search grants where research_org_types = "Education" return grants[research_org_types]

You can see what types are included by performing a faceted search, e.g. like this:

search grants return research_org_types

See the documentation for each data source for more details.

Filter Operators

We have introduced a new filter operator, @.

You can read about this in the filter operator section of the documentation.

It is possible to use the @ operator to search fields using similar approaches to those available when doing full-text or index-based searches. Unlike searching in full text or indexes, triple quotes are not available for this type of filter, so make sure that quotation marks are appropriately escaped!

You can use boolean operators:

search publications where mesh_terms @ "(human OR animal)" return publications

and wildcard searches:

search publications where @ "*chem*" return publications

and proximity searches:

search publications where research_org_names @ "\"oxford university\"~3" return publications

Like the ~ operator, this form of search is currently only available for fields that take string (text) values. When using the @ operator to filter fields, all the same caveats and notes apply for these techniques as described in the Full-text Searching section of the documentation.


The SDG classification system is now an alias of the SDG_2021 system, our most up to date model for classifying text according to the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):

classify(title="[title text]", abstract="[abstract text]", system="SDG")
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