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Analytics API, Version 2.9.0

AUTHOR: Dimensions product team

New fields

  • document_type is now a searchable and returnable field for the publications data source. For example, you can now do

    search publications where document_type in ["RESEARCH_ARTICLE", "CONFERENCE_PAPER"] return publications[document_type]

    and can also use this field in faceting, e.g.

    search publications return document_type

    See the documentation for more details.

  • active_status is now a searchable field in the grants data source. This can be used for filtering, e.g.

    search grants where active_status = "Ongoing" return grants

    and can also be used for faceting e.g.

    search grants return active_status

    See the documentation for more details.


  • The Fields of Research 2008 (FOR_2008) classification system is no longer a valid value for the system argument of the classify function, so for example this will raise an error

    classify(title="Jabberwocky", abstract="Twas brillig, and the slithy toves did gyre and gimble in the wabe", system="FOR_2008")

    Other classification systems are still available. FOR and FOR_2020 are now equivalent.

Documentation changes

Other updates

  • Improved the error message when trying to unnest a field that can't unnest

  • Updated dependencies to resolve security vulnerabilities

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