Dimensions product team
Dimensions on GBQ

Dimensions GBQ, Version 2023/07

AUTHOR: Dimensions product team

New fields

  • grants.activity_code (string)
    Description: The NIH activity code for the grant, as provided by the source.

  • policy_documents.categories.rcdc_v2023 (structure)

    Description: Versioned category Research, Condition, and Disease Categorization (model version 2023).

Removed fields

  • policy_documents.categories.rcdc_v2020.

Deprecated field

  • clinical_trials.category_uoa.

  • clinical_trials.categories.uoa_v1.

  • datasets.category_uoa.

  • datasets.categories.uoa_v1.

  • patents.category_uoa.

  • patents.categories.uoa_v1.

  • policy_documents.category_uoa.

  • policy_documents.categories.uoa_v1.

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