Dimensions team

Dimensions Research Security app - Version 0.65

AUTHOR: Dimensions team


Based on user feedback, we are releasing several improvements to the Dimensions Research Security app currently in beta.

Key Changes

Addition of column in organization charts to surface flagged research organization lists

We have added a column in charts that list organizations so users can see in which flagged organization lists the organizations appear.

Added counts of Clinical Trials and Patent records to Researcher Lookup, on the Overview and Affiliations page

In the Researcher Lookup, Overview and Affiliations page we have added tiles with counts of related Clinical Trial and Patent Records so that information is easily accessible in one place. The accompanying maps give a quick visual cue if there are publications, grants or patents from countries of interest. We have also updated the map associated with grants on this section to reflect the country of funder.

Removed hierarchical pie charts and replaced with tables

We have removed the hierarchical pie charts in the dashboard and replaced them with tables so that the data is more easily viewed and sorted.

Improved extraction of organizations on research organization lists

Among other improvements, we are now including child organizations in addition to parent organizations reflected on Flagged Organization lists.

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