Dimensions Team

Dimensions Research Security app - Version 1.0

AUTHOR: Dimensions Team


Based on user feedback, we are releasing several improvements to the Dimensions Research Security app currently in beta.

Key Changes

NEW - Researcher Finder

To significantly increase efficiency when searching for researchers, we have added a new section to the app - Researcher Finder - that allows users to enter more than one data point when trying to find a specific researcher, including:

  • Name (or portion of name)


  • Affiliation (can be any used by researcher)

  • Dimensions researcher ID

  • DOI

  • Dimensions publication ID

The user will see a list of potential matches along with additional information to give the user more context when making a selection, including: Name & current affiliation, ORCID, Dimensions ID, Main Field of Research, Starting active year, Ending active year, and total number of publications. Users can then jump via link to relevant profiles in the Researcher Lookup portion of the app.

UPDATED - Home Organization, Overview page with "last 30 days" activity

To alert users to more specific information relevant to research security, we have revised the Home Organization overview page. The new overview page will now provide a number of specific indicators with respect to authors, funding, intellectual property and clinical trials, both over the past three years and within the last 30 days*.

*Please note that the data ingested by Dimensions within the last 30 days will be reflected in these numbers, and may sometimes include older content that has been updated within the last 30 days.

UPDATED - Keywords of interest

As requested by members of our research security community, we have included additional keywords of interest in the app.

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