Dimensions team

Dimensions Research Security app - Version 0.6

AUTHOR: Dimensions team


Based on user feedback, we are releasing several improvements to the Dimensions Research Security app currently in beta.

Key Changes

Updated charts
We made it easier for users to see when their researchers are using the home organization affiliation versus a different affiliation. A number of charts within the app now make this clear, with drill downs allowing exploration of relevant authors and publication records.

Addition of concepts
Leveraging Dimensions AI-powered concept extraction, we surfaced concepts (terms) in the app so that users can scan specific collaborations for concepts related to sensitive technologies.

Addition of author count limit filter
By default, the app is now analyzing publications with fewer than 100 co-authors, however the user can elect to include all publications if desired.

Addition of Canada’s “Named Research Organizations”
We added Canada’s list of Named Research Organizations to the Flagged Research Organizations lists.

Addition of co-author information
In the Researcher Lookup portion of the app, we are now providing more information on a researcher's co-authors, including:

  • Number of collaborations with main researcher (strength of collaboration)

  • Co-author publications (as determined by use of filters)

  • Co-author publications containing keywords of interest

General Improvements

  • Performance improvements

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