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Analytics API version 2.0 is coming soon!

AUTHOR: Dimensions product team

We are excited to announce that the Dimensions Analytics API version 2.0 is going to be released in September.   

This release brings about many improvements to the overall stability and performance of the API, but most importantly, it removes all previously deprecated fields.  

By doing so, it gives us a more solid platform on which to continue innovating by adding new features to the API and the Dimensions Search Language. 

This release may be backward-incompatible for some users, i.e. those who still rely on deprecated old fields. Therefore, when the time comes, we advise you to review your code to ensure it does not break. 

NOTE The Version 2 of the API will be initially made available in parallel to the current API (Version 1.31) as an additional endpoint. The current Version 1 of the API will no longer be available from March 2022 onwards, giving you plenty of time to transfer to the new version, but of course, we recommend starting to use Version 2 as quickly as possible to benefit from the new features and avoid last-minute issues in changeover. 

Main takeaways 

  • Version 2 of the Dimensions Analytics API will be released in September 2021

  • All users are advised to upgrade to version 2 as soon as possible, so to be ready when version 1 will be sunset in early 2022 

  • Both versions of the API will be available during this transition period 

  • Version 2 removes all deprecated features and hence it is not backward-compatible for those users who still rely on those features. 


  • Sept 2021: Release of Analytics API V2

  • Nov 2021: Dimcli, Gsheets plugin & APILab will use API V2 by default 

  • March 2022: Legacy API V1 will be removed 

Actions required now

This is just an early communication of the planned changes, and there is nothing for you to do for now. Version 1 of the API remains in use as usual, and we will contact you again when Version 2 is made available. 


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