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Feature improvements & a couple of bug fixes

AUTHOR: Dimensions product team

Timeline chart improvement

Added an option to more entities to the timeline charts available in Dimensions Analytics

See all of a researcher's documents

Added a button to the researchers profile pages to link to all of the researcher’s documents. This feature is available in Dimensions Analytics.

Publication details pages

Added a section on the publication details pages with additional IDs such as ISBN, arxiv ID, PMID and PMC ID.

Clinical trials details pages

We now return a tooltip with the raw affiliation name on clinical trials details pages in cases where the original and the resolved name is different. In addition to this, we added a new section to the details pages which lists all identified ‘Collaborating funders’ of the clinical trial.

Get in touch with the support team

The ‘Send feedback’ link in the support dropdown has been changed to ‘Ask for help’.


  • Fixed an issue in the dashboard apps where the tooltip on the number of applied filters didn’t work in full screen mode

  • Fixed an issue in the dashboard app filters where the filter titles did overlap in some cases

  • Fixed an issue where an organization ID did not get properly resolved in the filter bar when viewing a researcher profile

  • Fixed an issue in the Analytical Views heatmap where some of the row names were sometimes be replaced by numbers, and the data will also be replaced by a number in the export

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