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New advanced search and analytical capabilities

AUTHOR: Dimensions product team

Compare and analyze academic impact and Altmetric attention over time

Explore and analyze the academic impact and Altmetric attention of various entities with our timeline charts. Dimensions allows you to effortlessly compare multiple entities, including organizations, source titles, or researchers, and track their academic impact or Altmetric attention over time. You have the flexibility to select from various metrics, including citation counts, average citation (mean and median), and the number or percentage of publications exceeding a specified citation threshold. This feature provides valuable insights into the impact of specific entities' scholarly output.

Inventors and Investigators: Enhanced search capabilities for patents and grants

We've introduced a 'Researcher Name' field in the advanced search for grants and patents, enabling you to delve into the raw names of researchers associated with these documents. Building on the existing support for publications and clinical trials, this enhancement allows you to seamlessly search by raw researcher name across four Dimensions content types with a single query.

Enhanced patent insights: FDA Orange Book details now integrated into patent pages

We've elevated our patent details pages by incorporating key information from the FDA Orange Book for patents linked FDA approved drug products. Access crucial details such as the FDA application number, proprietary name, drug ingredient, and applicant name directly from the patent details pages. The Orange Book, a comprehensive publication by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), provides information on drug products approved based on safety and effectiveness, including related patent and exclusivity details under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.


  • Aligned the entities in the heatmap visualization with the entities from the ‘aggregated’ view

  • Fixed an issue where connected ORCID information not displaying in Dimensions

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