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New feature for co-author analysis

AUTHOR: Dimensions product team

Analyze co-author networks

With just one click you can now analyze the co-author network of any particular researcher. Just click the 'Add to search' link in the co-author section on a researcher profile page and it applies all of a researcher's co-authors as a filter in Dimensions. From there you can continue to analyze the co-authors research outputs and academic impact as well as the project funding, patents, clinical trials and more. This feature is available in Dimensions Analytics.


  • Fixed an issue where users received a cancellation notice for a search alert set up in the organization search.

  • Fixed an issue where the shared groups of an organization weren’t available to all users with an organization.

  • Fixed an issue where an error message was returned on clinical trials details pages in some cases.

  • Fixed an issue where the Open Access status on the publication details pages was incomplete when the status was in ‘OA hybrid’.

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