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New filters in Patents and Clinical trials

AUTHOR: Dimensions product team

New filters in Clinical Trials

Added two new fields to the advanced search:

  • Number of participants. The number of participants in a clinical trial, often referred to as the 'sample size' or 'enrollment', provides important information about the trial's design, objectives, and statistical power.

  • Primary completion date. This date serves as a pivotal point in the study timeline, helping to ensure that researchers gather the necessary data to assess the trial's primary objective. This date is important for tracking the progress of the trial and determining when results may become available for analysis and potential regulatory approval.

New filter for 'Kind code' in patents

Added a new filter and export column for patent kind codes. A patent kind code is a standardized alphanumeric code used to classify and categorize patents based on their type and purpose. These codes help patent offices and users quickly identify the nature of a patent document without having to read the entire patent. The specific format and meaning of patent kind codes can vary from one patent office to another, but they generally convey information about the patent's legal status, publication stage, and sometimes its technical content.


Fixed a wrong label in the Expert Finder / Reviewer Finder module.

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