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New search feature, accessibility improvements, fixes

AUTHOR: Dimensions product team

New ID search for Grants in Dimensions

This feature allows you to search for up to 25,000 grant IDs. Supported IDs are original project numbers as well as Dimensions grant IDs.

Updated color palette

The default color palette used for charts in Dimensions' Analytical Views and dashboard apps has been updated to improve contrast of adjacent colors.

Grants export

The name of the columns with the research organization's city, state and country have been changed to '(...) of standardized research organization'. The new names reduce ambiguity since they better reflect the fact that the locations are limited to the resolved / standardized organizations for the respective grant.


  • Fixed an issue where the ‘About the grants data' page wasn’t loading.

  • Fixed an issue in the email verification email where a few unexpected line breaks were shown.

  • Fixed an issue related to dashboard apps where deselecting filters did not lead to a dashboard refresh.

  • Fixed an issue in the committee builder functionality within the Reviewer Finder where the export didn’t work in some cases.

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