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Perspectives & Insights, Version 1.4

AUTHOR: Dimensions product team


Based on the feedback and internal analysis on the structure (reports and underpinning ‘tabs’) and performance (load time) of the P&I application, the need to split several dashboards was identified. Both the split of some of the very data intense areas of the dashboard and the timely introduction of an improved navigation panel to the left allowed us to introduce a number of improvements in the area of reports by introducing new ones and restructuring existing ones. The result improves the usability substantially.

We have also added an in-app basic user guide.

Details of the updates in P&I

The latest version of Perspectives & Insights (P&I) implements the following updates that were requested by clients:

  • Inclusion of Clinical trials

  • Inclusion of continental, regional (Global North and Global South; relevant to the primary organization’s geographic location) and global benchmark

  • Extraction of SDG relevant key indicators for highlight in the overview report

With the additional data  and indicators above, the structure of the reports received an upgrade: An enhanced, new structure was introduced to streamline the usability and avoid confusion that arose in a number of areas (collaboration, national and international, impact and benchmarking).


Introduction of a navigation panel 

This action removes the previous ‘tab’ structure seen by a number of users as cumbersome, confusing and not straightforward.

The tabs are replaced by a hierarchical (two level only) report menu on the left hand side allowing for quick and easy navigation between the reports. This substantially improves the navigation within a report and general overview.

Introduction of a Key indicator report 

This report at the top of the left hand navigation panel highlights the most relevant key performance indicators for the institution. This will be most relevant to the most senior users of the P&I dashboard and provides very quickly essential insights into the performance of the organization compared to national, continental, regional and global performance on a variety of indicators in an overview (i.e. Publication, Open Access, Grants, Researcher) and for Citations and SDG.

The content for this new report is drawn from select ‘tabs’ from the previous benchmarking report  and is further enhanced by the improved organization’s benchmark based on four (geographic) averages instead of a single one (national) previously.

Impact report
The old Impact report was split into a variety of separate reports (or submenus) in the new structure - This reflects a much improved and more logical display of the reports: Academic impact follows the publication report, policy citation and SDG report were singled out for better visibility and better performance.

The old Benchmarking report was split and a number of tabs were moved to their relevant home based on the research objects (e.g. publication, funding etc).

This provides more clarity in the remaining ‘custom benchmarking’ report and relevant ‘peer comparisons’ in the submenus of other relevant reports.

Applied Research report

This newly structured report combines the existing patent area (formerly impact) and the newly introduced clinical trials to a new area of applied research, that will be prominent and visible for those interested, but distinctly separate for those institutions not deeply in that matter.

In-app User Guide

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