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Updated concepts and new versions of the RCDC and UoA category systems

AUTHOR: Dimensions product team

Updated 'Research, Condition, and Disease Categorization (RCDC)'

The Research, Condition, and Disease Categorization (RCDC) serves as a vital classification scheme utilized by the US National Institutes of Health for reporting as mandated by the US Congress. With this release we updated the RCDC codes to a new version based on new training data, featuring additional categories such as Celiac Disease, Coronaviruses, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, and Telehealth.

Updated 'Units of Assessment (UoA)'

The Units of Assessment (UoA) is a classiļ¬cation scheme used by the Research Excellence Framework (REF) for assessing the quality of research in UK Higher Education Institutions. The new version is based on an expanded training dataset, enhancing accuracy and efficiency.

Updated concepts

Dimensions extracts concepts from all documents available in Dimensions which are used in a variety of places such as the Reviewer Finder module, the VOSviewer co-occurrence network, the concept search in the advanced search. With the new version we have upgraded and adapted to the latest models and algorithms, resulting in more relevant concepts and better scoring.

Toggle between english and original grant description

For all non-English grant descriptions and titles within Dimensions, automatic translation into English is now seamlessly facilitated. To enhance user experience, we've introduced a convenient button on the details page, allowing you to easily toggle between English and the original language of the grant.

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